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Strategy and design are two crucial elements when it comes to site design and development. In my work at Adaptive Path, I've worked on a number of projects that focus on these two key elements. We'll end the project with a stack of deliverables, often including HTML templates and CSS files, the pieces and parts the client will need to move forward.

And yet, this can be an uncomfortable transition at times. We've put in so much hard work to plan and think and design how the features and elements of the site will work. It's now up to the client to take the next leap into Implementation. This can sometimes feel like a murky wilderness, with unknown snares and dangers the client is left to navigate on their own.

Mostly this stems from the fear of the unknown. Sites have a habit of growing organically overtime, and clients are unaware of the implementation processes they have been through in the past. There is a lack of clarity around what tasks and events go into making an implementation successful.

I've put together this this diagram that shows the general tasks that go into a typical site redesign with a new CMS implementation. It shows where the Strategy and Design tasks stop and where Implementation starts. It also shows what roles are involved in the different stages.

Implementation Diagram [PDF: 49KB]

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