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It's amazing the change that can be made when one has power in the marketplace. has started a new program called Frustration-Free Package.

They are working directly with manufactures to eliminate the excess packaging that many products have these days. Rather than encasing everything in layers of plastic, they are using simple, cardboard boxes that can be mailed directly. This has the added benefit of getting rid of the box-in-a-box situation. And it removes the problem of having to fight with the box to get to your stuff. Everyone wins!

I'm so glad to see Amazon doing this. They have become a big enough player in the retail space that they can actually get companies to start changing their business practices. Way to go Amazon!

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Wow. This is great.

I always try to shop proactively for products with the least packaging -- and mention to store owners that their products are overpackaged.

Now we all need to email Amazon and say we are going to shop there precisely BECAUSE of this packaging decision.

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