Yes, Because a Video Spokesperson Is the Height of User Experience *slaps forehead*


I just got the following spam in my inbox:


I thought you might be interested in this article: "10 Virtual Spokesperson Tips"

Adding a Video Spokesperson to your website can not only improve conversion rates but also help you explain your product or service with ease.

Here are the first few tips (Click to see the rest of the article):

10 HD Quality- Make sure the videos that you use are always shot in HD. We live in a world where we are judged by our appearance. If you have videos on your website that do not represent your business in an ultra-professional manner it's waste to even add a video. Quality is key!
9 Close Captioning- Adding close captioning is important. The reality is that some users don't have speakers or are deaf. Therefore, taking into consideration their needs is imperative.
8 User Experience: You have the ability when adding a spokesperson to customize it where if the same user comes back to the same page within a 24 or 48 hour period of time, then that user would not get "force fed" the same video again. The user would be given the option to play the video again if they chose to, but wouldn't be forced to watch it again. It is important to be courteous to your users and look at their experience when adding a video spokesperson.
Click to see the rest of the article, or go to

Some companies do a very good job of using a Video Spokesperson on their website. However, there are a lot of mistakes that are being made that can significantly hurt a websites appeal.

I hope you find the rest of this article interesting and useful.



I mean, I guess it's good that they are mentioning user experience at all. It wasn't that long along that such folks would have no idea that such a thing existed. I find it interesting that they don't have a problem "force feeding" (their term, not mine) the video to a user the first time (or if they come back a few days later). Just don't do it multiple times in a 24 hour period.

Um... how about never having auto-play audio or video? That seems like a much more considerate approach to me. I'm fine with using video to explain a product or process. But let the user have control of the experience. Let the user decide when and where they want to watch a video.

I wonder how much of their "conversion rates" are people just clicking on it to try to turn it off.



I used these guys to add a video to my webiste They did a great job for me. They actually give the client the choice to have the video play automatically or "click to play". I chose to have the video play when the user gets to my website. In any event, I am very happy with their services and would recommend them highly.


I used these guys for my website They did a great job for me. They actually gave me the option to have the video play automatically when the visitor arrives or a click to play. So, I guess they have multiple options available and the vid is customizeable.


Hi Conner-

That's great that you are happy with the job they did for you. I didn't mean to imply that iVideoSpeak does not do quality work. And I am glad to hear that they do offer a click to play option.

I was pointed out the fact that they are talking about user experience in a spam email (wow! that's new), for a topic that is usually regarded as offering a poor experience due to how it is implemented. Seemed a bit ironic to me.

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