BlogHer and the Explosion in My Head

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Wow! My brain has been firing off ideas non-stop ever since I got home from the BlogHer conference last night. I have so many ideas for posts and projects, as well as big chunky thoughts that deserve sitting with and thinking about for awhile. I hardly know where to begin.

Rather than post a conference review, I thought I'd post some quotes I heard throughout the weekend that stuck with me. I tried to capture who spoke the words where I could.

"The universe bows down to the power of women blogging." Jane Goodwin

"It takes a village not just to raise a child, but to nourish the adult. " - Jane Goodwin

"It's karma. It's linky love."

"Writing is not about the words, it's about connecting brains together." - Amy Gahran

"Writing is enforced reflection"

"How you think about writing is as important as the writing itself. It's about the *process*." - Amy Gahran

"I think better through conversation. I don't have to know the answer up front."

"People are more engaged by conversations than monologue." - Amy Gahran

"Blogging is like the mob. I try to get out and they pull me back in." - Mena Trott

I also want to thank the lovely ladies that I had the pleasure of chatting with during and between sessions and over lunches. Some were new faces. Others are dear friends I love so much. You all helped me have a really great experience this year. Thank you.

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Wow, I've been quoted! Thank you so much for those kind words and for the link and for making me feel honored and important!

Love, Jane

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