Wasn't I Just Saying...

I just love it when I start thinking or talking about something and then everywhere I turn around I see that topic. I don't know if it was that the topic was there and I just never noticed it before, or if I'm in tune with the universe or what.

But this morning I got the following in my inbox from the Sierra Club on "Can travel be good for the planet?" As you may remember, I was musing about just this thing a few weeks ago.

Let's face it: Every time you get in your car, on a plane, or even in a train or bus, you are responsible for carbon emissions. So how can you reduce your travel footprint? Try these five strategies:

1. Take fewer trips.
It may seem odd for a travel provider to tell you to travel less. Then again, we're not your average travel provider. Can you combine a week in the mountains with a family visit? Can you take one longer vacation per year instead of two short ones?Do you really need to attend that business conference in Vegas?

2. Explore your own backyard.
Sure, we offer great trips in 35 states and around the world. But have you checked out our local Outings program, run by Sierra Club chapters? From hiking in Yosemite to paddling in Florida, there's something for everyone. Better yet, volunteer for our Inner City Outings program and help get urban youth outdoors.

3. Be gas-savvy when you do drive.
Did you know you can boost your fuel efficiency by as much as 30%, just by slowing down from 75mph to 55mph? Learn more and take our pledge to drive 55.

4. Make your travel matter.
You can spend your vacation at mega-resort in Hawaii, or you can learn about saving Sequoias in California -- while hiking among said Sequoias. We believe that wilderness travel should not only be fun, but should leave you inspired, informed, and motivated to act. To take it a step further, consider one of our volunteer vacations.

5. Consider carbon offsets. Through our new partnership with NativeEnergy, you can now offset carbon emissions generated by your travel to and from your Sierra Club Outings trip by helping get renewable energy projects off the ground.

I can certainly vouch for the Sierra Club service trips. I've done two, one in upstate New York and another in Maui. Both were incredible trips and I highly recommend them.

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