The 5 Senses on Twitter

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Like most folks in the office, I've joined the Twitter bandwagon. I find it's an easy way to keep in touch with folks I don't see on a regular basis. And learn new things about those a I do see.

Graph of the 5 senses on TwitterJust now I checked out Twist, a site that lets you chart how much folks are twittering about a topic and plots them against each other, over time. It's a neat way to see how topics ebb and flow. I thought it would be neat to see how much the five senses are talked about on Twitter.

I think it's fascinating that folks Twitter the most about things they see so much more than any other sense. I would have thought that smell would have ranked higher. I wonder if it's because we are used to sharing things we saw with our cell phone cameras. Or if it's just part of human storytelling. "You'll never believe what I saw on the way home today..."

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