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Join Me at UX Week!

Of course, I would be lax if I didn't plug our UX Week event coming up next month. Sarah has done a kickass job pulling this program together and I really think it's going to be great.

For keynoters, we have Deborah Adler (the Target pill bottle), Jan
Chipchase (design research for Nokia), the interface design team for
the $100 Laptop, and Adaptive Path's own Dan Saffer.

Other speakers include Jared Spool, Bill Scott (Ajax guru), Liz
Sanders, Dan Brown, Indi Young, Leisa Reichelt. And tons of Adaptive Path people, like ME.

A recent addition to the program is that people from CNN.com will be talking about their new "Web 2.0" redesign.

Topics include:
- designing for mobile devices
- participatory design
- managing UX teams
- search engine interfaces
- agile development and user-centered design
- designing for rich interaction - documentation and accessibility
- social software
...and more!

Discounted registration ends July 13. That's today!

You can also register for single days, making any combination of days you

And if you register with my promotional code: FOCF, you'll get 15% off the registration price.

See you in D.C.!

Much Is Planned, Little Is Done

So, I FINALLY got the last of the pink off this website. That will teach me to follow a fad and turn my site pink for a month. :)

I have plans for chiarafox.com. As you can tell, I'm not using it much. When I'm blogging about IA and other work related stuff, I'm doing it over on the Adaptive Path Blog.

So, I'm thinking of going a little old school and taking the blog part off this site. Or at least officially mothballing it. Of course, it took me 9 months to get rid of the pink, so who knows when I'll find the time to do this. But I thought I'd let you know.

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