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I received an email the other day asking me about resources I would recommend for someone who is interested in learning more about writing for the web and the science of content management. I did a quick browse through my bookmarks and came up with these starting points. I like these resources because they are good aggregators of content, a way to keep on top of trends, or are communities to get involved with.

CMS Watch [ http://www.cmswatch.com/ ] is a great place to learn about the industry, what products are out there, trends and what not. There's a lot of good stuff in their information architecture section, even if IA isn't directly in your realm of control.

The Content Wrangler [ http://thecontentwrangler.com/ ] is also a great source for news in the industry, as well as collected articles published elsewhere. They also have a great list of upcoming conferences and events.

There is also the CMS Pros [ http://www.cmprofessionals.org/ ] which is an organization focused on content management.

The Information Architecture Institute [ http://www.iainstitute.org/library/ ] has a library of resources -- both online, books, presentations, and blogs -- that cover CMS and writing for the web. If you become a member (it's not that expensive) you get access to their great mailing list of professionals all over the globe.

Boxes and Arrows [ http://www.boxesandarrows.com/ ] is an online publication that focuses on information architecture and the user experience. There are a number of articles on CMS, and how content can be better created and organized on the web.

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