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Hello World is undergoing some changes. From here on out, in addition to the new frock, will also have a more targeted focus on information architecture, user experience, controlled vocabularies, and the other types of things that keep me busy from 9-5 during the week. My plan for is to publish every other week or so about an IA related topic or method.

If you are looking for the latest antics of Freesia and Smudge, or the latest wackiness I saw on the train this morning, head over to my new personal site,

If you are looking for my inner most thoughts and feelings, well, you are out of luck unless you are on my friends list on LiveJournal. Or, of course, you could always just ask me instead of poking around on the web.

Expect that there are broken links and other conversion fubars that I will be working to correct as quickly as I can. I've also reposted some of my more IA/UX related posts here.

Ten Strategies for Content Migration

Published today:

Adaptive Path has a new report available, "Ten Strategies for Content Migration" by Chiara Fox. This Technique Tutorial shows you how to break Content Migration into manageable chunks. You'll learn to:

* Choose the right people for your team.
* Gather and organize integral content.
* Prepare informational tools that keep everyone informed.
* Migrate in manageable waves.

Chiara is a veteran manager of four content migrations for PeopleSoft, the last of which integrated content in ten languages on 23 sites. We know you'll benefit from her experience. The report is available at the Adaptive Path site.

[EDIT: This post was reprinted from]

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